新家廚房爐灶位置不太美妙 常在家煮食 腸胃較易不適


確實剛搬過來的時候  幾次下來我都肚子不舒服

(那時還沒請示大師 所以後來阿姆提到時 真的深深覺得她太厲害了!)

因為廚房的爐灶是固定的 不能移動位置



葫蘆象徵可以治病 藥到病除

(就是濟公用來喝酒醉然後醫治了很多人啊~ 有沒有~~~~)

天知道在這個袋鼠亂跳無尾熊睡覺的國家   要去哪裡找到一個牛魔王收了孫悟空的葫蘆啊!!!!


公主告知G 關於阿姆大師的指示  表明要他設法找到銅葫蘆

幾天之後 再遍尋不著葫蘆下落之後 





(以後廚房用不到 還可以拿來當項鍊掛 XD)



Well, the "Gourd" story is something that I appreciate having G as a great husband with "magic hands"! (And of course a caring heart!)

According to my personal "FengShui" master (yep, that's my Mum!), where the stove is in our kitchen is not a perfect spot for doing cooking too often, it will possibly upset the stomaches while feeding the hungry tummies. Not that Princess J's trying to give excuses for not doing one of her housewife duties, it has proven to be true and how accurate my "Master" mum is! My stomach did feel weird the first several days when we had cooked meals in the new home... 

Since that the stove is fixed to the floor and there is no way we can relocate it, the way to get away with upset tummies is to place a gourd next to the stove due to the symble of the gourd - to cure all the sickness. This is, although not mission impossible, yet never an easy task! To find a copper gourd??? The chance to find kangaroos jumping around and koala sleeping in the trees would be much bigger than finding a copper gourd in the Down Under world!

I then told G what Master Mum's instruction was, about the gourd. After several days on the look out whenever going to op shops or wherever possibly to have something like that, we found nothing...

Then one day G showed me the solution for Mum's instruction, as I walked into his studio----

2 copper gourds that he made himself! Though they are not like what I've imagined (you know, 3D ones, the ones you can really put something, e.g. water, in them), G's 2D gourds are super cute!!!  (Plus, they can be worn as pendants when one day we don't need them in the kitchen, haha. XD)







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