On the phone....


G: Why are you so pissed off?


G: Why? Just because I forgot to text you last night to say that I got home safely???

J: YES! That as well. And why didn't you text me or call me today?

G: I though you'd be grumpy...

J: Of course I AM! You made me grumpy. And you made me CRY!!!

G: You just want to be grumpy and want to have a cry...

J: AS IF! I don't want to be like this!

G: ......           Anyway, it's all my fault.

J: Of course. It's all YOUR fault, you bitch!

G: Hahaha, so I'm a bitch now? I thought I'm a bastard...

J: You are a bitch and a bastard.

G: Oh both. Wow!

J: Now, say something nice to me.

G: Mmm... It's "nice" that I'm not home cz you'd not look as cute when you are grumpy and it's not your best face at all when you cry~



(Does it sound like something nice at all???)  @_@



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