Greg買給我的玩具槍 - 也只有他會這樣溺愛我~ 



Sometimes small things in life make big smiles!


These 2 things have made my days brighter so many times since I've had them.


1. The windmill of this cute Santa riding the rainbow-wheeled bike always puts a smile on my face whenever I see him going hard riding the bike. He turns his direction according to the wind and also he sometimes rides his bike backwards! That's the most entertaining moment. 


2. This little toy gun was a surprise gift from Greg. One day I was jokingly asking him to buy me a gun so I can shoot with a gun, not just with my 'fingure guns'~  He said yes, and then I forgot about it. One morning, on the way out in the car, he suddenly asked me reach under my seat and get a gun to shoot someone that was not obeying the traffice rules. I couldn't believe that he really bought me a gun! (Of course a toy gun!) Now I can shoot! HAHAHAHAHA~~~ 

p.s. Don't worry, I won't do anything illegal. It's just like a lot of parents would buy their kids toy guns for their birthdays or Xmas. Greg bought me a gift that I am truely touched by! Becuase he pampers me like a kid more than my parents! (My parents had never bought me a toy gun, let alone even a water gun~)

p.p.s. Ok, this might not be everyone's cup of tea, so don't go crazy asking your partner to do the same. Only a crazy couple would have great fun from this. ;p 



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