"Careful! Careful! Don't hurt me!!!"

              ~quoted from JM, the sentence she's been saying the most in these days whenever G wants to get close to her ever since she's got her ears pierced and they still HURT!!!





不知道耳朵還要痛多久...  ><


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Princess J @Melbourne 南十字星空~墨爾本

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  • Diana
  • So you decided you want to be a woman again?

    Just kidding. Take care!
  • Haha~ Thanx!

    I know the saying and told G about it...
    I blame for getting my ears pierced... (cz so I can be a model of Greg Mann Ear rings!!!)

    JM 於 2011/08/12 22:14 回覆

  • D
  • 真是為老公犧牲啊...XD
  • 是ㄚ~ T_T

    JM 於 2011/08/14 21:22 回覆