CHOCOLATE~~~~~~ What an evil thing!!!!

It has made Princess J's "love handles" grown....   T_T


No, no~ we're not talking about chocolate today.


Some lovely funny Greg Mann Jewellery to share----

Brooches that made from chocolate molds!


1. Chocolate mold Brooch- Rooster

Chocolate mold Brooch- Rooster.JPG  

2. Chocolate mold Brooch- Duck

Chocolate mold Brooch- Duck.JPG  

3. Chocolate mold Brooch- Bear

Chocolate mold Brooch- Bear.JPG  

4. Chocolate mold Brooch- Rabbit

Chocolate mold Brooch- Rabbit.JPG  

(Princess J's got a Rabbit one! YEAH!!!)


Having one of the chocolate mold brooches won't make the "love handles" grow, haha! ^^



(a) What do you think the animal of #3 is? I think is a bear, yet, not sure...

(b) Which one is your favourite?






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  • Z
  • 1. I think that is a bear with 義肢吧
    2. of course i love the bear one. BEAR耶 BEAR最可愛了^^
  • 1. Haha~ it does look like that!
    2. Of course you love BEAR! XD

    JM 於 2011/05/11 20:06 回覆

  • Diana
  • 裝義肢的熊很好笑XD

  • 可是這幾隻裡面沒有無尾熊啊?

    JM 於 2011/05/12 20:52 回覆

  • Diana
  • 蛤,最後一個不是無尾熊喔,我想說,哪裡有兔子XD
  • 冤枉啊~~ 牠是兔子啦 ><

    JM 於 2011/05/12 23:36 回覆