August 31st!! It's been bloody totally 365 days since the day my Mann left last year~
I remember that on the same date last year, there was a typhoon. It rained heavily and I couldn't go to the airport with him, only drove him to the bus stop, hugged goodbye. Then he got on the bus and I drove home. On the way home, the rain was pouring down and I could hardly see anything from my front window. Then I realised that it was raining inside the car, not the rain from sky!! I cried silently in the darkness in my room because I didn't want to worry Mum.. I listened to the CD he left with me and always ended up with tears coming down from eyes... I didn't even want to go to work because I knew I would think of him every moment being at the place we used to work together.. Teaching the classes we had together usually made my heart strangled... For a while I was just like a half dead body without a sound soul moving on in the living world...
However, I survived and have become stronger and better during this year, well, at least I think so..
Life's still a little busy but not too much, just right in the limit I can accept and deal with.
Friends are still there for me as long as I contact with.
The trip to Taipei was great. I got to see and spend time with people who I care for and know that they've cared for me too. Thanks my friends!   

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